How to apply

Please contact Lars Pastewka about these positions (and possibly other openings not posted here). We are a simulation group and do not conduct any experiments in the group. We are looking for candidates with the following profile:

  • Modeling: You feel comfortable working with physical models, i.e. you understand how to describe the physical world around you in terms of differential equations.
  • Coding: You have experience in writing codes that carry out numerical calculations or analyze data. Ideally, you have used Python, C++ or Rust.
  • Simulation: You have written simulation codes or codes to evaluate simulation output yourself.

Please do not apply if your only experience with simulations is running a simulation package, with the exception of molecular dynamics packages (e.g. LAMMPS or GROMACS).

For applying, please send:

  • Letter of motivation: Why do you apply for this position? Keep it short.
  • Curriculum vitae: What is your experience?
  • Academic track record: Grades from all BSc and MSc programs that you attended
  • References: List of advisors that would be able to provide recommendation letters (PhD or Postdoc only)