simulation group

Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) | University of Freiburg

We are an academic research group that develops and applies simulation methods for solids that deform and fluids that flow. Our simulations span from the atom to the continuum. We have a particular obsession with friction, adhesion, and wear. The group is headed by Prof. Lars Pastewka.

recent publications


  1. Elastic shakedown and roughness evolution in repeated elastic–plastic contact
    Lucas Frérot, and Lars Pastewka
    Tribol. Lett. 72, 23 (2024)
  2. Sound waves, diffusive transport, and wall slip in nanoconfined compressible fluids
    Hannes Holey, Peter Gumbsch, and Lars Pastewka
    Phys. Rev. Fluids 9, 014203 (2024)
  3. The bumpy road to friction control
    Viacheslav Slesarenko, and Lars Pastewka
    Science 383, 150–151 (2024)
  4. Why soft contacts are stickier when breaking than when making them
    Antoine Sanner, Nityanshu Kumar, Ali Dhinojwala, Tevis D B Jacobs, and Lars Pastewka
    Sci. Adv. 10, eadl1277 (2024)
  5. matscipy: materials science at the atomic scale with Python
    Petr Grigorev, Lucas Frérot, Fraser Birks, Adrien Gola, Jacek Golebiowski, Jan Grießer, Johannes L Hörmann, Andreas Klemenz, Gianpietro Moras, Wolfram G. Nöhring, Jonas A. Oldenstaedt, Punit Patel, Thomas Reichenbach, Thomas Rocke, Lakshmi Shenoy, Michael Walter, Simon Wengert, Lei Zhang, and James R. Kermode
    J. Open Source Softw. 9, 5668 (2024)