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  1. Elastic shakedown and roughness evolution in repeated elastic-plastic contact
    Lucas Frérot, and Lars Pastewka
    arXiv:2308.13060 (2023)
  2. Sound waves, diffusive transport, and wall slip in nanoconfined compressible fluids
    Hannes Holey, Peter Gumbsch, and Lars Pastewka
    arXiv:2305.07501 (2023)
  3. Why soft contacts are stickier when breaking than when making them
    Antoine Sanner, Nityanshu Kumar, Ali Dhinojwala, Tevis D B Jacobs, and Lars Pastewka
    arXiv:2307.14233 (2023)
  4. matscipy: materials science at the atomic scale with Python
    Petr Grigorev, Lucas Frérot, Fraser Birks, Adrien Gola, Jacek Golebiowski, Jan Grießer, Johannes L Hörmann, Gianpietro Moras, Wolfram G Nöhring, Jonas A., Punit Patel, Thomas Reichenbach, Lakshmi Shenoy, Michael Walter, Simon Wengert, and James R Kermode
    submitted to J. Open Source Softw. (2023)


  1. Crack-path selection in phase-field models for brittle fracture
    W Beck Andrews, and Lars Pastewka
    arXiv:2203.16467 (2022)


  1. Efficient topology optimization using compatibility projection in micromechanical homogenization
    Indre Jödicke, Richard J. Leute, Till Junge, and Lars Pastewka
    arXiv:2107.04123 (2021)