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  1. Entwicklung einer Multiskalenmethode für die Simulation von Schmierprozessen
    Hannes Holey
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2023)
  2. How surface roughness affects adhesion
    Antoine Sanner
    University of Freiburg (2023)
  3. Pressure gradients in molecular dynamics simulations of nano-confined fluid flow
    Mohamed Tarek Elewa Hassan
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2023)
  4. Self-mated hydrogel friction
    Jan Mees
    University of Freiburg (2023)


  1. Antimicrobial polymers and surfaces: theoretical and experimental studies
    Sarah Mohamed El Sayed Mahmoud
    University of Freiburg (2021)


  1. Atomistic mechanics of metallic and network glasses
    Richard Jana
    University of Freiburg (2020)


  1. Deformation of metallic multilayers: an atomistic study of the relationship between structure and deformation mechanisms
    Adrien Gola
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2019)


  1. Multi-scale simulations of carbon nanomaterials for supercapacitors, actuators, and low-friction coatings
    Lars Pastewka
    University of Freiburg (2009)